Ivar Joel Andersson- Lennman + Signe Teresia Olsson

2 Children

Parents Grandparents
Ivar Joel Andersson- Lennman Ivar Joel Andersson- Lennman
Birth October 10, 1885 Male27 Female20 Möja (AB)
Anders Wiktor Andersson Anders Wiktor Andersson
Birth February 15, 1858 Blidö (AB)
Edla Wilhelmina Jansdotter Edla Wilhelmina Jansdotter
Birth January 6, 1865 Möja (AB)

Signe Teresia Olsson Signe Teresia Olsson
Birth April 27, 1897 Male24 Female24 Frösthult (C)
Karl Johan Olsson Karl Johan Olsson
Birth June 1, 1872 Frösthult (C)
Ida Mathilda Andersson Ida Mathilda Andersson
Birth September 18, 1872 Möja (AB)

The details of this family are private.