Knut Harry Gunnarsson + Private

No children

Parents Grandparents
Knut Harry Gunnarsson Knut Harry Gunnarsson
Birth December 10, 1915 Östra Vemmerlöv (L)
Death April 12, 1999 ‎(Age 83)‎ Nättraby (K)

Peter August Olausson Peter August Olausson
Birth April 16, 1880 Male48 Female40 Augerum (K)
Death February 7, 1970 ‎(Age 89)‎ Flymen (K)
Emma Matilda Petersson Emma Matilda Petersson
Birth March 9, 1890 Augerum (K)
Death August 30, 1970 ‎(Age 80)‎ Flymen (K)

The details of this family are private.