Malte Nilsson + Private

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Parents Grandparents
Malte Nilsson Malte Nilsson
Birth July 21, 1904 Male25 Female28 Borrby (L)
Death March 30, 1969 ‎(Age 64)‎ Kirseberg (M)
Viktor Alfred Nilsson Viktor Alfred Nilsson
Birth May 10, 1879 Male35 Female32 Östra Hoby (L)
Death September 12, 1960 ‎(Age 81)‎ Östra Hoby (L)
Ida Mårtensson Ida Mårtensson
Birth April 12, 1876 Male31 Female35 Östra Hoby (L)
Death February 13, 1961 ‎(Age 84)‎ Östra Hoby (L)

The details of this family are private.